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Re: [IPk] Return to MDI

I had to return to MDI after 7 years of pumping as my pump (Graseby)failed, 
became obsolete and I was wrongly informed that pumps were no longer 
manufactured. I found it extremely difficult , my blood sugars were erratic, 
basically I had no support from the diabetes team and just had to get on 
with it . There was no correlation between my pump doses and MDI. I was 
`chasing' good controlwith increasing doses of insulin and consequently put 
on loads of weight which made ( and still does as I have never lost it) it 
really hard to control my blood sugars . I dare not let my BG go as low as 4 
or 5 as it would never stay there but I'd end up with a hypo that seemed to 
go on for hours- When I look back it was a nightmare. It is just SO 
wonderful to bbe bback on a pump!!! Carmel

type 1 40+ yrs minimed 508 Jan 2001

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>Subject: [IPk] Return to MDI
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>Has anyone on this site returned to MDI after pumping.  If so what were the 
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