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Re: [IPk] Fwd: Which pump should I buy?


Steven (age 12 pumping 7 months) has a minimed 508 and he is very happy
with it.  |It looks like a pager so he doesn't feel like he's carrying
round a weird object all the time. Both Steven and myself find it fairly
easy to program and use. The fact that minimed gave a three month trial
helped - you get a good chance to try it before you part with any money.

Hope this helps.  If you need more info let me know.


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>After having yet another bad day with Danielle's high blood sugar readings 
>(HI on the meter for hours and then having to inject some quick-acting 
>insulin to help bring it down), I am going to buy a pump.  I have a brochure 
>from Disetronic and I have information about Minimed but I really do not know 
>which one to go for.  I am fortunate enough to be receiving a tax rebate soon 
>(believe it or not!) and I can afford to buy the pump but I will be asking 
>for assistance towards consumables.
>Danielle has said that she would like it to be small and she doesn't want it 
>to hurt.  That's all I have to go on at the moment but we are going away in 
>August and I would love to have her on a pump by then so that I don't have to 
>keep saying "No, you can't eat that" and "Wait until snack time".  The most 
>important thing is that I want her blood sugars to be at a more normal level 
>rather than sky high or too low as they are at the moment (and have been 
>since last August).
>I would love people to let me know briefly their experiences and which pump 
>they are on.
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Alison Orchard
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