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Re: [IPk] Hypos

hi Donald

> And you are right I am a Chef Manager at a royal theatre in London, and I
> work with 17 others in the Kitchen.

Glad my memory hasn't completely abandoned me :-)

> you spoke of you experiences at work  and it sound as is you have sorted it
> out for yourself and that's nice.

Well I'm lucky in that I work in a great environment with (mostly) very 
friendly people. Of course, the pay's rubbish, but I prefer to make that 
sacrifice in order to have a good working environment and a job I love. Also 
my boss is a friend - which can be hard sometimes to combine the two - but 
he's seen me having hypos and generally dealing with DM outside the work 
environment, so that helps.

> Before I was on the Pump I of had hypos and the way it seemed to happen was
> very fast and I would act just like a drunk I must say that I don't give
> the impression that I am drunk these days and sometime I would black out
> and find someone had call the nurse and that I had an orange juice poured
> down my mouth some time the ambulance man were there when I came to.
> Now I haven't had a blackout since I started on the pump ( well I don't
> think I have) and the hypos are different think it may have a lot to do
> with the fact that I am running at a low Basal rate and this I am still
> sorting out, the meal bolus I think 50 to 70 % of the time I am getting it
> right.

That sounds pretty good. I've found that since going on the pump (just over 3 
years now) my levels don't swing around so much, so I don't get those sudden 
massive drops in BG level that I used to. However, sometimes I find myself in 
the state you describe, where my BG is hovering around the 4 mmol/l mark for 
several hours, and I am "not quite with it" for a long time, without going 
completely hypo. That's because my levels are more stable, and because I tend 
to keep my levels much lower than I could pre-pump. My solution is just to 
test a lot.

You need a mobile phone, Donald, then you could clean the whole house (and 
you could come here and clean mine too!!!)
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