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Re: [IPk] Hypos

Hi Pat

Your are right about below  4, readings the times I have managed to look at
my blood sugar the meter I use will not read below 2 the lower reading show
as lo.

You also are right this is no reason for being abusive, If you know me you
would see I can not say boo to a goose I am so passive.

You told me of how you are in a hypo  Depressed and snappy with others.

I become over active and when at work I seam to run around and try to do 10
jobs at the same time, that is till something happens for me to drink a
juice and someone has said something like are your sugars ok my reply could
then be OF COUSE it is, but the I go and get a juice this seams to be a
normal reaction for me even before the Pump.

thanks Pat for the e-mail I has printed it out and put it with the others I
have been collecting.

Regard Donald still by the phone

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Date: Monday, May 27, 2002 08:28:33
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Hi Donald,

What a mess! I guess all of us are thinking 'could be me'!

You seem to be making a distinction between 'low' and 'hypo'. For most
of us, the words mean the same thing (a blood glucose level below 4).
Where do you guess your bg level was? If you think it was below 4, I
think it might help to say 'I think I was hypoglycaemic' (using the full
word!) rather than 'I think I was low'. Non-diabetics who know low =
hypo won't mind which, but it will reinforce the fact that it was
medical, not personal to those who don't understand 'low'. To people
who don't understand 'I was low' means 'I was felling slightly
depressed' - a reason to drink hot chocolate, snap at people who remark
how nice the weather is, and so on - not a reason for being abusive and
not remembering it!

With best wishes,


dm 30+, 508 1+

In message <email @ redacted>, Donald O' Donnell
<email @ redacted> writes
>Hi there everyone
>Thought I would fill you in on what has been happening to me over the last
>Do you remember I asked for information about how others see us when we
>through one of our Hypo's.
>Well I was so embarrassed about this but why I was asking this was because
>I was suspended from work and this was because of things that I did when I
>was almost having a hypo, you know your sugars are low and are low for a
>long time.
>I was shouting at someone and at an other time I was joking with someone
>not in a nice way.
>I do not remember those occasions or what happened during them times but I
>think I was having low sugars.
>I have been doing a lot of research on the Internet as well as the e-mail I
>sent you all and my works Doctor who is a full supporter of diabetic at
>also I asked my Diabetic Hospital for some help, and do you know I got no
>answer from them.
>The most help I got was from ip-UK
>I am still on suspension and I am still waiting for the things to get
>rolling at work.
>I don't know what will happen or how I am going to deal with it.
>It was extremely had for me the first few weeks I was blaming myself for
>everything but I know that I have no control with it.
>It shows you how important it is to keep yourself at a normal rate, and how
>important it is that your work knows about your diabetic, well I thought
>mine did.
>I am waiting for something to happen this coming Monday I will keep you
>Regards Donald, sat at home cleaning the flat up every five to ten minuets,
>waiting for the phone to ring.
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Pat Reynolds
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"It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time"
(T. Pratchett)
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