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Re: [IPk] Hypos

Hi Donald
Sorry to hear about your problems - what is your job again? Something to do 
with the theatre? Or is that Vic?
Yes, I think it's very important that people at work understand how having 
diabetes affects you. Often people have met someone else with diabetes and 
have some prior expectations. For example, one of my colleagues used to work 
with someone who was always passing out at work, or not turning up, or going 
home ill, because he had great difficulty controlling his diabetes, and she 
couldn't understand why I wasn't like that too. Alternatively, people see 
someone with diabetes coping normally, and don't realise that it's not that 
easy for everyone. I had a few runins with my boss when I first started 
working here, because I react very badly to stress and having to do things at 
the last minute, and it sends my control wild, which doesn't help my mood or 
performance. Eventually I sat down and explained to him that I would work 
much better if he gave me warning about things that needed doing, and didn't 
throw everything on me at the last minute, so I could schedule things to suit 
how I was feeling. Trying to do stuff at the last minute when your BG is 3 or 
13 is not productive in my case! Once he was aware of this, things got much 
better as he realised that I was less stressed, so that made his life easier, 
and the work got done more efficiently. Of course, it helps if you have an 
understanding boss, but sometimes people are "not understanding" jsut because 
they're not aware of how best ot deal with the situation. Sorry if that's a 
bit longwinded but hopefully you see what I mean. Of course, it's not 
possible in all jobs, but I'm lucky in that I can pretty much work when I 
want as long as things get done in time for any deadlines and I show up to 
any important meetings. I often come into work early, go out in the afternoon 
for a few hours, and then come back and work in the evening, because that's 
the most productive way for me. 

Anyway, good luck and let us know how you get on.

On Sunday 26 May 2002 23:11, you wrote:
> Hi there everyone
> Thought I would fill you in on what has been happening to me over the last
> month.
> Do you remember I asked for information about how others see us when we
> went through one of our Hypo's.
> Well  I was so embarrassed about this but why I was asking this was because
> I was suspended from work and this was because of things that I did when I
> was almost having a hypo, you know your sugars are low and are low for a
> long time.
> I was shouting at someone and at an other time I was joking with someone
> and not in a nice way.
> I do not remember those occasions or what happened during them times but I
> think I was having low sugars.
> I have been doing a lot of research on the Internet as well as the e-mail I
> sent you all and my works Doctor who is a full supporter of diabetic at
> work also I asked my Diabetic Hospital for some help, and do you know I got
> no answer from them.
> The most help I got was from ip-UK
> I am still on suspension and I am still waiting for the things to get
> rolling at work.
> I don't know what will happen or how I am going to deal with it.
> It was extremely had for me the first few weeks I was blaming myself for
> everything but I know that I have no control with it.
> It shows you how important it is to keep yourself at a normal rate, and how
> important it is that your work knows about your diabetic, well I thought
> mine did.
> I am waiting for something to happen this coming Monday I will keep you
> informed.
> Regards Donald, sat at home cleaning the flat up every  five to ten
> minuets, waiting for the phone to ring.
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