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Re: [IPk] Hypos

Dear All,

I have found that most people in this country find it easy to relate diabetic symptoms to symptoms relating to alchol (ab)use.

So I say 'if every I start acting drunk, and we haven't been drinking, I'm not drunk - I need a glucose tablet!', and explained the horrors of waking up at around 2, or around 20 each morning as 'either I wake up feeling as if I were drunk, or as if I were very hung over'.

Most of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia which are visible to people around us (confusion, slurred speech, unusually angry or submissive behaviour, etc.) are recognised by them as being very similar to what they've observed with drunk people.

However, they know that whereas a headache comes as just punishment for a night on the tiles, and that only people who drink at lunch time expect to be drunk in the afternoon, the diabetic gets these symptoms completely unexpectedly.  And without even the pleasure of a decent bottle of wine to cause them.

Perhaps, Donald, this would help your colleagues to understand?  Most people accept that drunks say things which they don't mean, or which are not said in polite company.  There is, of course, a belief 'in vino veritas' - the truth lies at the bottom of a bottle - that while drunk people say what they really believe.  But even if you have said things which are against your company's equality policy, you should remember that the policy is not about what you think, but about what you do.  And while 'sober', you do follow the policy, don't you?

Best wishes,

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