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[IPk] Re: genetics

'Has anyone had second thoughts about having children incase they too 
 >the condition?'


Couldn't agree with you more John. Despite the fact that I have type 1 
diabetes I feel very glad to be here and am very happy to be alive. I 
have two children and can honestly say that the thought of passing 
diabetes on to them hardly passed my mind when we were planning 
children. My main worry was how my control during pregnancy would effect 
them. You never know what will happen to your children.There are so many 
terrible things that could happen such as childhood cancer, cot death, 
autism etc.. (I could go on and on) that are largely out of our control. 
Diabetes is a pretty awful condition to have but the inheritance 
genetics are very complicated. Even if I knew for certain that one of my 
children would develop the condition I'm not sure if it would have 
stopped me from having them.
Just my opinion anyway!

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