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Re: [IPk] Grant for lap-top

> 1.  Your school should be able to supply you with a lap top because of your
> `Special Need` - arthritis. >>>>  I have left school and am no longer a
pupil so they are unable to supply me with one.
> 2.  If you are unable to write adequately during the exam you can dictate
> your answers.  This will have to be organised quite quickly though. >>>> I
am doing my exams on a computer, all organised and in check for Monday!
> 3.  When you take your GCSE`s you should have the option of sitting them in
> a separate room where you can monitor your blood glucose and take any
> necessary action. >>>> I am taking my GCSE's in hospital where I am now so
thats not a problem
> 4.  If your blood glucose affects your exam performance get a letter of
> support from your diabetes doctor for the school to submit to the Exam
> Board. >>>> As i said im in hospital and thats all been done
> 5.  Schools are not always the best place to learn, especially for diabetic
> students.  If you do not sit an exam due to illness the exam board may be
> able to award you a modulated grade.  You will need to speak to your
> teachers is this happens. >>>> I didnt know that! Thank you!

Basically my need is because I am starting college in September whatever my
GCSE grades, but if I go and have another year like this one I am guaranteed
to fail, this is why a laptop is desperately needed. I've already asked the
college and they don't have the funding which is why I am trying to get a
grant.  Being away from school so much has proved extremely tough, next year I
will be studying Law, Psychology and English Lit./Lang.  Which are obviously
all strong essay subjects so if like now I have to go and spend 12 weeks in
hospital a laptop will be needed to keep up with Coursework and notes etc.
The hospital are also unable to fund a laptop.

Thanks for the info anyway, wish me luck everyone!!!
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