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[IPk] Lack of doctors and insulin antibodies

I have run into amajor problem here and don't know where else to turn! I was 
told yesterday that my poor control lately may be due to having developed 
unsulin antibodies. Apparently the pattern of the blood sugars etc would 
indicate this.BUT  there isn't even a diabetic clinic here at the moment. The 
last diabetologist left around 18 months ago, a general med doc took his 
place. The hospital was asking him to run a diabetic clinic twice a week and 
also see patients on the wards and do other med clinics..alone with no SHO or 
registrar. I have had appt after appt cancelled by the hospital so began 
seeing my GP/nurse. She had trained as a nurse specialist in diabetes and was 
great. But she tells me yesterday that she was leaving the practice to become 
the diabetes nurse specialist at the hospital. This is good and bad! Now my 
GP does not have a diabetic clinic. I then get a letter from the hospital 
this morning telling me the appt has been cancelled yet again...and won't be 
renistated as they do not have doctor anymore and won't have one in the 
forseeable future! The last time I was seen by the hospital team was 3 yrs 
To make matters worse, my control is awful and I am sick of being told off 
like a naughty child for not being well enough controlled.
I just wondered if anyone has had this problem. I have had IDDM for 28 yrs 
and am on humilin/humalog insulin. I have heard it is becoming increasingly 
common for problems to crop up with antibodies on humulin, although at first 
they didn't think this would happen. Also, should I write to my MP or what? I 
can't possibly go on without an appt for years and years! 
Thanks in desperation...
Helen in Cumbria
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