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Re: [IPk] Genetics

>Only 13 % of children or adolescents who have diabetes have a parent or
>sibling with type 1 D.  The risk for a child contacting diabetes from a parent
>is 2% if the mother has D and 6% if the father has D.  I have identical twins
>and so far, fingers crossed only one had diabetes.  However they both have
>Coeliac condition.

Thanks for the figures, Jackie :-)

>Has anyone had second thoughts about having children incase they too develop
>the condition?

Liam -

I chewed this issue over with my wife a 3 years ago - shortly before our
marriage. I felt strongly that even if there were a certainty that my child
would also get diabetes, that is not a good reason for not having kids. Far
from it. Yes, Type 1 diabetes is an annoying inconvenience - but for me
it's not so bad that I wish I had never been born, which is essentially the
question you are asking.

Melissa - I target this arguement at you as well. Would you really limit
yourself to one pregnancy and then go for adoption? I find that a curious
logic. I accept that for some women, a pregnancy can make existing
complications worse and you should discuss that with your consultant, but
if you are "uncomplicated" I see no reasons to have as many pregnancies as
you naturally want. But I don't know - I'm no expert.

Ooo... my deaf/Canadian/German friend has just told me she's pregnant now
with her 2nd child. She's currently on MDI, but has booked a pump
discussion appointment at her German diabetes clinic.


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