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Re: [IPk] alcohol (was update on A1c and ketones)

> Alcohol. Mmm, alcohol.

I'll second that! 

There appears to be quite a difference in the ways
that people react to drinking alcohol: it's a question
of working out how it affects you. 

By testing, I discovered that my BG would shoot up
immediately when I drank beer or lager, then come down
overnight. Therefore I take 2 extra units of Humalog
for each pint, maybe adjusting my overnight basal if
by BG is on the low side when I go to bed. 

I tend not to take much extra insulin for wine ( I
like the very dry stuff) or spirits. 

You could well be right about the reaction from your
clinic, depending on how realistic they are ;-) You
will probably find that others on this list have
different approaches to it which you will find



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