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Re: [IPk] update on A1c and ketones

At 13:39 23/05/2002 -0700, Abigail wrote:
>( no obvious pattern with protein, alcohol etc)

Sorry to snip so much, but you used a magic word there.

Alcohol. Mmm, alcohol.

I thought this list would be a good place to ask something which I always 
feel I can't ask my dietician because I would just get A Hard Stare, or a 
meaningless answer.

How do I find out the carb value of alcohol? Specifically, I like a bottle 
of Bud every now and again. I actually find that I need about 3 units (I'm 
on MDI) to cope with this, but that's through lots of trial and error 
(hic). I realise that alcohol lowers BG but if I don't take any insulin I 
wake with a high BG. :(  What about red wine? white wine? cider? how do I 
find this out without getting disapproved of?

Thanks in advance,

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