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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #111 - Random Thoughts...

> Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 23:02:44 +0100
> From: "Caroline Batistoni" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Some random thoughts
> This mail is going to be a whole lot of random rubbish that probably
> relate to anything, but I want to say it all anyway!
> First up, after my previous diasterous experience, I went back on the pump
> Monday. I wiash I could say so far so good, but I'm not too sure. I've had
> randomly erratic blood sugars all day (varying between 2.9 and 19.5) I
> help but think "this isn't how its meant to be" I spoke to my DSN earlier
> asked her if pumping ever just doesn't work our for some people. She said
> never known it (and shes worked with a lot of pumpers) Maybe I'm just a
> I guess I do like to be different!

As a pump user for 2+ years now, I still have days when BGs can vary widely
(9.5 to 2.5 in less than 1 hour is not uncommon). You seem to be monitoring
your BGs frequently so I suggest sticking with the pump - you'll see the
benefits eventually ! Certainly, I haven't  had a serious hypoglycaemic
incedent since being on my pump (Minimed 508 - self funded sadly) whilst
maintaining an HbA1c < 6% and can sleep through the night without kicking
off the duvet and incurring my partner's displeasure ! If you like to be
different, be different with a pump rather than MDI and support the minority
here in the UK !!

> I was wondering if anyone here uses Quick sets. I had a problem this
> after I disconnected for a shower that I couldn't get the little plastic
> on. I couldn't get the set back on either and ended up getting very
> and having to change it. Even when I fiddled round with it after I'd taken
> out, I still couldn't get the two parts together. The various grooves for
> to slide in just didn't seem to line up. Anyone any idea whats going on?

I have recently tried (and like) the Quick sets but I agree, on first using
them  I found the same 'problem'. Curiously, I have noticed that the more I
panic about failing to get the ring to engage, the more difficult the task
becomes (will overtwisting the ring dislodge the set and incur a further
#7.25 replacement etc etc). I have found that gentle pressure seems most
effective combined with the 'assumption' that it will engage !

> All the recent talk about hypos and seizures has got me thinking about an
> problem. I have epilepsy, which in the last eighteen months has been a
> nightmare to control (hence the break from my training to be a dentist. An
> epileptic seizure plus a high speed drill? I don't think so!) Touch wood,
> pretty much under control right now. I've always wondered how someone wold
> tell the difference between a hypoglycaemic seizure and an epileptic one.
> sure I've had glucagon (and the ensuing unpleasant side effects) several
> in the last year completely unecessarily. As an example, and without
> to speak ill off anyone at my diabetes clinic, I once had a seizure in the
> clinic which they treated with glucagon despite being aware of my
epilepsy. A
> doctor later told me that my blood sugar had been 3.9 when they tested it.
> Surely 3.9 would not cause a seizure. I have blood sugars of 3.9 without
> having seizures.

I do not regard 3.9 as being too desperate - perhaps after a meal. but
certainly not before. (Admits to measuring 1.3 on an Esprit and was still
standing !)

John Twigg
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