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[IPk] update on A1c and ketones

sounds as if your consultant at least took the trouble to take these concerns
seriously and make sensible suggestions. was this the same guy who you have
previously described as patronsing and dissmissive? sounds like he's a
reformed character!

Did you have this overnight BG pattern for some time or has it recently become
more evident?

I sometimes have problems accepting that my BG does not do the textbook thing
ie dawn phenomenon at 4 to 8am ish then a steep drop in requirements until mid
pm followed by a rise and then a drop between 10 and 2 am. For example I hate
the fact that currently I'm at 0.6 til 7pm then 1.1 till 11 pm ( have done a
fasting check to confirm that this is not a bolusing problem). It's even more
frustrating when I sometimes have a 2pm drop and sometimes drop steadily from
2-3 am and wake up hypo ( no obvious pattern with protein, alcohol etc)

How much do you correct for a premeal BG of, say 6.5? If you can acheive
glycaemic control of this standard, I should imagine that average BG and A1c
would be well within( ie not just at the top ) of the normal range.  i imagine
you would have to be very careful re post prandial lows especially with low GI
foods. Also if fasting BG is that much lower, would insulin sensitivity
increase and carb: insulin ratio also have to be increased?

Sometimes life with DM would seem infinitely easier if food wasn't necessary
at all (it can almost become one of those variables wich mucks up control
rather than one of life's pleasures)

An all pump clinic sounds postive. But does your clinic also offer good
support for those on MDI who are motivated to attempt intensive control but
who don't want a pump?

Sometimes this pump business can sound a bit elitist
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