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[IPk] Re: Genetics

I have also read that in Type 1 diabetes, genetics is not so clear and
straightforward - indeed it isn't obvious with any disease where one
inherits vulnerability or risk factors as opposed to some definitely
expressed characteristic like brown vs. blue eyes. 
In my family people apparently tend to get type 1 diabetes relatively
late in life - perhaps indicating a lesser predisposition to get it -
who knows.
My grandfather developed Type 1 in his early 40's - it's a good thing
it wasn't earlier since insulin would not have been available then.  My
brother developed Type 1 at age 22, and I currently hold the record,
since I was 48 at time of diagnosis, 4 and a half years ago.  Neither
my father nor any of his 3 siblings had it (but one of them was killed
at age 22 in World War II), and my other 4 siblings, all in their 40's
now, show no sign of it so far.
In thinking about family history of diabetes, one has to remember that
until the 1920's anyone who developed type 1 diabetes did not survive -
so since it most commonly starts in childhood/adolescence, these people
would not have lived to have children, so for the most part it must
have been their siblings who carried some or all of the same genes but
did not get diabetes who are the parents, grandparents,
greatgrandparents of most type 1 diabetics today.  Also since diabetes
does not always present itself very clearly - ketoacidosis is horrible
but not necessarily so clearly distinct from severe general illness
unless you test for glucose and ketones - and death from childhood
illness was sadly not so uncommon prior to the 1920's, illness and
death from diabetes may not always have been identified, and family
history of diabetes 2 or 3 generations back may not be known.

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