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Re: [IPk] Genetics

 Barbara wrote

> I wondered about it but our family was missing a generation out with
> diabetes.  For instance, my grandmother had it but her children didn't and
> then her children's children did.  I thought that my children would
> not get it and then by the time I had grandchildren there would be a cure.
> It turned out that the people in our family that missed it as children,
> developed it when they became adults.  How many others out there are
> and have diabetic children too?  It would be interesting to know.

Hi Barbara

I dont think genetics works as simply as that.  Lots of people think that a
genetic illness or even twins miss a generation. But there is no reason
particularly why it would.  Its more likely that a certain combination of
genes comes along when new partners from a new generation get together and
somehow that particular combination has a predisposition to that illness.

My grandmother was a twin but she did not produce twins however two of her
grand children had twins.  One grand child had non identical twins but I had
identical twins, which occur at random and are not due to a genetic link.  The
reason for this thinking is that throughout different populations there are
races/populations where twin birth are very rare and other races where twin
births are much more common but identical twins appear at the same frequency
across all populations showing that this is a random freak of nature and not

So if you have non identical twins in the family then you are more likely to
have non identical twins.  If you have identical twins then it is not likely
to be an inherited thing. I am sorry you didnt want to know all this!!!!
Nothing to do with D. Except of course at the present only one of my twins has
D.  I have friends on another diabetes support  list,  US  based, both with
identical twins where both sets of twin developed D within months of each

mum of twins
still shocked after 8 years!
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