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[IPk] Pumps for young children (was Genetics)

Hi Melissa,


I agree that kids capable of testing their own BG & taking insulin can
handle pumps, but all kids should be able to have one if their parents
are prepared to put in the effort.  We had no idea what we were in for
when we agreed for Sam's trial, but we were sure that if he didn't want
it, we wouldn't carry on.  We still do most of his testing and
previously did nearly all of his injections, partly I think because he
was diagnosed so young (2).  With time we're sure that he will take more
on.  He is already very confident with his boluses, although we need to
keep an eye on him just in case.  For example, a few months after we had
started pumping, he went downstairs and sorted out his own breakfast,
writing everything down, working out the bolus and coming back upstairs
to check it with us before programming it.  It was our first Sunday
morning lie in for 7 years.


I've digressed a bit, but what I'm saying is that any family should be
able to handle a pump for their child, provided they get enough support
in the early days and are prepared to put the work in.  This means
sorting out a routine with schools and any other activities such as
cubs/brownies, after school sports, etc.


Best wishes.



Parent of Sam, aged 8, pumping 9 months.


Melissa wrote:


My first diabetologist told me when I was 12 that he wouldn't put me on

pump until I had finished puberty, but my diabetes nurse prevailed upon

and I got my pump sooner. Next thing I heard, the doctor had put a 12 

year-old on a pump and was considering putting a 10 year-old on one

I was doing so well.  Based on my experience, I endorse considering

before puberty. As some parents on the list can tell you better than I

(Andrew?), if kids can test their own bgs and take their own insulin,

can probably handle pumping (caveat: as with anything else in life, if 

someone doesn't want a pump, he/she will probably not do well with it).


All the best,


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