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Re: [IPk] Genetics

Hello Melissa

Wow what a lot you have said.  Anyway, have your blood sugars been really 
good on the pump or are they about the same as when you were on injections?  
It's just that our family are thinking of changing to the pump at the moment.

You say you have to keep your blood sugars really good for about 9 months or 
so before you get pregnant.  I have recently had a miscarriage and my blood 
sugars were too high part of the day but I would not blame that because they 
were on the high side when I had my daughter and she was born at 6 lbs 14 oz 
with no problems.  It may depend on the individual though but I know someone 
else who had a child 12 years ago and while she was pregnant her blood sugars 
were out of control and extremely high throughout.  She had a normal healthy 

I saw a programme on television where the doctor explained that babies of 
diabetic mothers who had high blood sugars are usually born with a low blood 
sugar because their pancreas has had to work harder while they have been in 
the womb to control their own blood sugars and then this needs a little time 
to adjust after they have been born.  I think a diabetic should not put off 
having a child because of the risk of the child becoming diabetic because it 
is controllable and the child can live a normal happy life anyway.  If I was 
to plan my child's life, it would have been that she did not get diabetes or 
any other illness for that matter, but it came along and it was natural for 
me to take it on board and deal with it (although it was heart-wrenching).

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