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Re: [IPk] Funding - Edinburgh

email @ redacted wrote:
>   I'm not too sure how to pitch my case as I'm in the lucky position of 
> having never been hospitalised due to my diabetes and I have never had a 
> severe hypo.

Hi Susan, 

I think you should use the reduction in HbA1c as the main argument: you can find the 
stats on reduction in likelihood of the various complications the lower the
hba1c goes on the web (don't ask me where, I've forgotten!).  Admittedly, the 
NHS is not set up to reduce future costs by expenditure today.

Your basal profile, which has as much variation as mine will demonstrate how
a long-acting insulin cannot produce the same effect.  I have a .123 table where
I enter the basal, and it calcuates its activity curve (albeit on guesswork, as
I don't have the figures for Humalog activity).  The resulting profile (virtually
nothing late afternoon, a huge amount around dawn and through the morning) is not
achievable with long-acting insulins (regular/actrapid injected at 4am was the closest
I ever got!).  If you present this information graphically (your needs, shown
with the activity curves of other insulins for comparison), that would, I think,
make your case very clearly.

Best wishes,

dm 30+, 508 1+, having a nice long weekend being a research student!
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