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[IPk] Funding - Edinburgh


Sorry I have been away for a week or so, so seem to have missed a lot of
this chat.  I attend the clinic in Aberdeen, when I went on the pump (Oct
2000), they would not fund the pump but agreed to fund the consumables on an
experimental basis.  But I was warned then that if more people went on the
pump then this would stop.......hmm, the logic escapes me.  How I did it,
was basically a laborious campaign of providing them with evidence from
papers etc on the pump's impact.  My reasons for going on being much the
same as yours.

Last time I was at the clinic, they were looking at putting together a pump
protocol, which would cover full funding,  but they did not expect this to
take place for a couple of years, and numbers would be limited.

If you need more, let me know.

Good luck!

Audrey Sheal

> Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 21:23:09 +0100
> From: Susan Morrow <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IPk] Funding - Edinburgh
> Thanks to Julian and Alison for your replies. I certainly will try 
> writing to the health board and my MP if that fails.
>   I'm not too sure how to pitch my case as I'm in the lucky position of 
> having never been hospitalised due to my diabetes and I have never had a 
> severe hypo. The reason I went on the pump was due to very high waking 
> BGs. Insulatard just didn't last long enough to cover me during the 
> night. I was also planning a pregnancy so good control was crucial - 
> hence the pump. My control has improved since I started the pump and the 
> ability to change basal levels every hour has enabled me to control my 
> BGs during the night. I only need 0.2 units per hour at 6pm but come 1am 
> I need 1.0 unit per hour.
> I have kept all my blood glucose monitoring diaries since starting the 
> pump and my HbA1c has improved so that will help me put my case forward.
> Any other tactics from those who have been successful at securing 
> funding would be great. This month I had to spend #168 on supplies and 
> as a result I am already overdrawn and its a week until pay day! It just 
> doesn't seem right. So much of our salaries go on tax and NI  - 
> shouldn't we be getting more from this?
> Better stop moaning now and get another glass of wine. After all it is 
> Saturday night!
> Susan
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