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Re: [IPk] Re: Glucose absorption; and some advice please!

Mary asked
> Can I ask for some advice from you veterans?  Today I had the fourth "bad 
> site" out of the last five sites.  The problem seems to be that the site just 
> stops working - had the usual insulin etc, three hours later bg 22 - multiple 
> boluses and still 17 after several hours, and now there are ketones - on to 
> the injections!  I'm OK, there's no redness or tenderness at site, pump's 
> working fine, no bubbles etc, same sort of food and activity, cannula not 
> kinked and still working on removal, I rotate sites so each is used less than 
> once a month, each site never used more than four days...any thoughts?  I am 
> really worried because one of the reasons I went on the pump in the first 
> place was because of problems with absorption....but then when you're jabbing 
> 5+ times a day that's a reasonable complication, while using a site for 3 
> days a month shouldn't cause that sort of problem, should it?

I had a run of three bad sites in a row, and felt just dreadful
(result of the high bgs).

I knew it wasn't an insulin problem, because taking insulin from the same
bottle, by syringe, brought me straight back down.  And it wasn't a problem with
the set deteriorating, in that it woulnd't 'work for a while, and then fail'.
Two sets, when I took them out, were bent.  I think what happens is that a slow 
trickle through a bent cannula worked ok, but a large basal, or a bolus just didn't 
'get there' in time to stop the high - and when I'm high I need more insulin to bring
me down than when I'm normal, so it had an iterative (I love that word!) effect.
While insulin was not going in properly, it wasn't backing up enough, except in
one case, to cause the 'no delivery' alarm to sound.

I do wonder if there are occasional quality control issues, either with the pump
supplies, or with life!

Best wishes,

dm 30+, 508 1+, back to reading her book on Dutch society ... (the history of the 
Reformed Church is the most boring thing I've read for a long time)
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