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Re: [IPk] treating hypoglycaemia

Tony wrote: Food needs to be converted to glucose before it can be directly 
absorbed through the cheeks. However, this isn't necessary if we put glucose 
in directly, in the form of liquid, powder, or hypostop.

Jackie replied: I see that, but the article is still saying that glucose 
cannot be absorbed though the oral membranes.

I reply:

So, are there any studies demonstrating that glucose is absorbed through the 
cheek, or is this just received wisdom? We need to be very wary of received 
wisdom. It's also still received wisdom amongst many diabetologists that 
diabetics shouldn't eat chocolate (as I found out to my shock a few months 

But, in favour of the received wisdom, does it take a glucose tab only 15 
minutes to get from the mouth to the intestine? If it takes longer than 
that, then clearly glucose is absorbed somewhere other than the intestine.


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