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[IPk] Diabetes in control article

Hi I think it was Babs Watson who asked about this article a week or so ago
and no one could find anything about it.

So you were not going mad Babs, there was an article about a man in Scotland
who is working on a drinkable insulin.

I spotted this in Diabetes Control Newsletter.

Mind you, sorry to be a bit pessimistic but I dont know if drinkable insulin
would give as good control as injecting insulin.  If would seem to me that
there could be a lot of other factors to mess up absorption.  I would still
prefer Sasha to have injections and more predictability than oral medication
that is hit or miss.  Still we shall see eh!



Drinkable Insulin "Breakthrough"

Insulin injections could become history for millions of diabetics thanks to a
breakthrough by Scottish chemists. A drinkable insulin has been developed that
may spell an end to the four injections a day that many patients have to

Biochemists at Ayr's Hannah Research Institute believe their discovery will
revolutionize the lives of those with the condition. Currently, insulin has to
be injected because digestion would render it useless. Soon, however, it could
be carried by an emulsion liquid that is stable in the stomach's acidic
conditions. (The Scotsman 29/04/02; p.1)


Kind Regards

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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