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[IPk] 4 year old

Hi Joanne
I read with interest that you son is only on 1 injection a day. This is most
unusual as it is widely accepted that 1 injection a day is inadequate for
almost anyone
Is he only on one injection because he tends to go low in evenings/ nights
with any amount of insulin ( in this case it could be that he is in the
"honeymoon period" and still producing some of his own, although usually in
this scenario, control would tend to be quite good)
Or is it because he refuses simply to tolerate any more injections. ( there
are possible ways of dealing with this by revising injection technique to be
sure that it is as comfortable as possible, not injecting insulin straight out
of the fridge, ensuring the finest guage needle is used, and considering the
use of emla ie " numbing"  cream)
If this is the case then the problem does need addressing as soon as

Do you feel that the clinic are giving you the best possible advice and taking
an interest in your concerns? The standard of care offered by paediatric
diabetes clinic varies enourmously

Pumps are great but there are many other alternatives to one injection a day
which may work well for your son. Unfortunately,  more injections would almost
inevitabley be necessary

Good luck. Look forward to hearing how things progress, whether onto more
injections or a pump
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