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Re: [IPk] Caffine-Pepsi Max

> Yes I did moan about chest problems earlier.  After a few tests it turned
> out to be Angina.  Though I keep asking my GP if they are wrong and it
> might be something else.  I feel to young for that.  However, this Pepsi
> max thing was more out of curiosity than anything.  Somebody came up with
> the idea that any daily drink with a lot of caffine can really screw your
> diabetes up.  Incidently, the person who suggested this is not diabetic
> themselves but is "Usually right about most things".
> Thanks

Hi Julian
If you have angina you should be very careful about the amount of caffeine 
you drink, as it can raise your blood pressure. My dad was told to cut down a 
lot on caffeine (even though he doesn't drink much) and only drink a max of 2 
cups a day. He too was an unlikely candidate for heart disease in that he was 
very fit and healthy, not overweight, didn't smoke, etc etc. It can happen to 
anyone, not just those in the high risk groups. I was reading yesterday about 
a girl of 25 who was mega fit and healthy and one day suddenly had a stroke 
for no reason at all.
Also regarding caffeine and diabetes, some people find it raises their BG, 
some find it lowers it, and some find it does nothing. It does do all sorts 
of horrible things to your body (bit like sticking a set of jump leads onto 
your heart) so it's not surprising. 
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