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Re: [IPk] children and the disabilities discrimination act

Hi Carmel

Although this is good news and I do not think that the school would refuse to
take Sasha on a school trip.  I do feel that because there are no qualified
staff to do injections or make decisions about reducing or increasing insulin
or snacks I would have to go.  Sasha already feels uneasy when there is a
change over of staff and they appear to know little about diabetes or have
misconceived ideas about what can and cant be eaten etc and how the insulin

In the last two years at school the twins will be eligible to  go away on two
school trips involving being away for a week doing outdoor canoeing and
abseiling etc.  I just wouldn't know how her bg levels would be myself so we
would probably have to go as I would unable to give the sort of guidance
needed over the phone.  They usually go to a part of Wales where the cell
phone signal is patchy too.
Also there is the problem of a coeliac diet for the twins.  The places these
kids stay are very basic.  The twins have to have food prepare away from
"normal" breads etc.  A different toaster and chopping board and
butter/margarine etc.  All this adds up to a lot of hard work.
My older daughter have all been on these school trips in the past and not much
sleeping goes on in the dormitories and the kids usually collapse and sleep
for a week when they get back.  There would be just too many unknown factors
to consider sending Sasha without appropriate staff.

It is common for some parents to go along on these trips to help anyway so I
dont think that Sasha or Beckie would feel different if I had to go it just
that I would prefer not to go.  But parents wouldn't dream of sending their
diabetic children to Diabetes camps unless there was qualified staff to check
the kids and know what to do.  At the D camps the kids are usually woken up to
do BG checks in the night at times.  I cant see teachers setting their alarms
for 2.30 to get up to check on Sasha. The teachers alone just aren't qualified
to make medical decisions.  In the US lots of schools have a school nurse to
oversee these sort of trips but seemingly not here.

But I see what you mean about the act covering other situations.  I hope it
will but I am not holding my breath.  On trips out of school the teachers
always recruit a few parents to come along anyway because it would not be
possible for a teacher to look after the needs of 30 plus children on their
own.  So a child with medical needs  may not get the attention it needs
because of the responsibilities to the others in the group.


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> I found a printout from Diabetes-UK stating that children with DM will be
> covered by the disabilities discrimination act as from september 2002, it
> specifically refers to children being refused places on school trips if they
> have Diabetes but I am sure could be interpreted to cover any situation , it
> may help you with dealing Sascha's teachers and school Jackie Take care
> Carmel
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