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Re: [IPk] Caffine-Pepsi Max

No direct ill effects, as far as I know, but if you drink a soft drink with 
caffeine in it without drinking a good quantity of regular water, you'll get 
dehydrated, which is not a good thing. Also, some research I've come across 
has suggested that aspartame (Nutrasweet) and other artificial sweeteners 
(i.e., saccharine and acsulfame-K) can stimulate saliva production and make 
you hungry, causing you to want a snack even if you're not hungry. If you 
eat more because of that, you will obviously need more insulin or you'll go 
high. Lastly, all the food coloring required to make cola its dark brown is 
not wonderful for your teeth, but that's not a diabetes-specific issue.

Though I understand what Donald is getting at by suggesting that you test a 
drop of soda on your meter, doing so will not help you if you are testing 
soda that you know for sure is diet.  If you are suspcious that you have got 
a mislabeled container and you think you might be about to drink a sugary 
drink by mistake, by all means dip a urine (not blood!) glucose test strip 
into it. I have heard of people saving themselves a lot of trouble by 
keeping some of those generally not-super-useful strips in their purses.  If 
you are drinking a certifiably diet soda, any ill effects would have to 
result from the metabolization of it, or what you consume after finding 
yourself with the munchies because of the aspartame or whatever.

Personally, I've cut artificial sweeteners out of my diet almost completely 
(I still eat MullerLight yogurt a few times a week and I drink a diet soda 
about once every 12 days) and I've found I'm not taking more insulin than I 
did before.  I use two little teaspons of demerara sugar in a cup of coffee 
and it tastes so much nicer than something chemical!  I usually drink about 
3 liters of still water per day; it refreshes me better than a soda and it's 
far, far cheaper. My water filter from Argos and my Nalgene bottle are two 
of my most treasured items of plastic (insulin pump, meter, University card, 
and credit card rank right up there, though!).

Best wishes,

IDDM 8 years; MiniMed pumper almost 6

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