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[IPk] different clinic

I'd say that Danielle does need to go to a different clinic.
On what basis does this consultant believe that an increase in evening mixtard
is safe?
If you increase the dose it will probabley lead to a still too high BG before
bed and a crash overnight
I'm sorry for running down my own profession yet again, but I think this guy
is unsafe to practice, and he is praying on vulnerable parents  and children
who already have enough on their plates to deal with without this type of
Even my local paeds DM clinic( who I believe have everyone on premix and have
a poor reputation) listen to parents re BG levels and if there was a pattern
like this would adjust the mix, I'm sure
Why don't you shout at this guy, demand that he listens to you and remind him
that DM has serious consequences, thar Danielle is experiencing unpleasant
symptoms, that she has had 4 serious hypos in the last 2 months and that he is
paid a great deal more than you and Danielle are, for looking after her DM
while you both have to endure the unpleasent effects of the disease and his
If her BGs are showing a consistent problem like too high at certain times
then the problem is not even complicated to deal with
I would complain but then again if Danielle has to be admitted with say
diarrhoea and vomiting or a severe hypo and this guy is at your local hospital
it could get a little awkward.
I would certainly do some research and get reffered to a more competent clinic
( If I had a dog with diabetes I wouldn't trust this guy with it)

He should be hauled up before the GMC

God help me and anyone else involved if I have a kid withDM
Rant over
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