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Re: [IPk] mixtard

Hi Barbara

15 units of Mixtard seems a reasonable amount but I don't understand why he
wants you to increase the evening dose if she is dropping that much.  It was a
similar problem when Sasha used to have nocturnal hypos.  Do you see a
Diabetes nurse?  Our paediatrician relies on our D nurse who is slightly more
open to discussion than him.  She deals with all diabetics type 1 and 2.  We
dont have a specialist paediatric D nurse.

What would he say if you just said.  "Could we try a different insulin,
Mixtard 40 or splitting the doses to see if this would help to get Danielle's
levels better at bedtime and not drop so much overnight" would he just say
no!!  You said in an earlier mail that Danielle has become unconscious  4
times since March.  That should tell him that this regimen isn't working and
is dangerous.

If you are really unhappy about this go and see your GP and explain that this
has been going on for such a long time and see if they would refer you to a
different clinic.

What insulin do you take and who do you see for your diabetes care??  Do you
see the same nurse??

You said you were interested in possibly going on an insulin pump does anyone
at the clinic you go to  pump??  If not could you get referred to a clinic
that does and maybe transfer along with your daughter.  After all you have
been diabetic for 28 years and to be looking at other options for better
control and more flexibility seems quite reasonable to me.  Doctors are paid
to give you care and advice and to work along with the patient.  Very few
illness/conditions are managed almost entirely by the patient themselves this
gives them a better insight into their own or their child's treatment than
somebody who sits behind a desk and doesn't communicate why he is making these
decisions.  I am not implying that all doctors are like this.  I know there
are some brilliant ones.
I hope you can sort this out.


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> Hello Jackie
> Danielle's doctor talks over me when I am explaining things.  Also, when he
> is not talking over me he is writing and I feel that it is not getting
> through.  What I have tried to tell him is that Danielle's blood sugars drop
> from as high as 33 at bedtime to as low as 4 without any extra insulin.  She
> has lost weight and he has told me to increase her insulin to 15 units
> Mixtard in the morning and 5 units at tea time.  I told him that she goes
> low on 3 units even but he said she has to put weight on and needs more
> insulin.  I do feel I am an expert on diabetes (but not the pump etc) but I
> also know at the same time that I have to go by what the doctor says or
> advises.  I have told him that if she can drop from 33 to 4 that she will go
> hypo without a doubt if I increase the insulin because her body is working
> overtime while she is sleeping.  He told me that she won't go hypo.  I feel
> like banging my head up the wall.
> Barbara
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