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Re: [IPk] mixtard

Hello Jackie

Danielle's doctor talks over me when I am explaining things.  Also, when he 
is not talking over me he is writing and I feel that it is not getting 
through.  What I have tried to tell him is that Danielle's blood sugars drop 
from as high as 33 at bedtime to as low as 4 without any extra insulin.  She 
has lost weight and he has told me to increase her insulin to 15 units 
Mixtard in the morning and 5 units at tea time.  I told him that she goes too 
low on 3 units even but he said she has to put weight on and needs more 
insulin.  I do feel I am an expert on diabetes (but not the pump etc) but I 
also know at the same time that I have to go by what the doctor says or 
advises.  I have told him that if she can drop from 33 to 4 that she will go 
hypo without a doubt if I increase the insulin because her body is working 
overtime while she is sleeping.  He told me that she won't go hypo.  I feel 
like banging my head up the wall.

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