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[IPk] Re: Disability Living Allowance

Hear Hear

Political Correctness does have a habit of going mad.  however, i can see why people don't like the 'Label'.  Thank you for being so up front and candid about the subject.

Hi all,

On the subject of Disability Living allowance, I feel all children with
diabetes should be entitled to Disability Living allowance. I believe
diabetes is a disability, I am disabled, my pancreas stopped working, it
is a vital organ. Why is it so politically correct to say we are normal,
isn't this denial. Diabetes is a complex disease, there are
complications attatched to it, it can shorten your life. I am 30 and
have worked full-time since the age of 16, I try to lead a normal life
but I am disabled, I feel insulin pumps should be available to all
children, D.L.A. would help with the costs involved with pump therapy.
Many people can't afford pumps yet the costs of complications can far
out weigh the cost of a pump. I was diagnosed age 17 and now have
proliferate retinopathy the thought of losing my sight and not being
able to earn a living is a frightening issue for a single woman. No one
likes to be labelled but lets be honest
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