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[IPk] differing basals ( was difference between pumps)

P at, you mentioned quite markedly differing requirements
I vary from 0.7 from midnight to 8 am, 0.8 to 12 am, 0.7 till 7 pm, then 1.1
till midnight, to 0.6 till 8am, 0.5 till mid day, 0.4 during the rest of the
afternoon and 0.6 til midnight
.i tend to need less insulin for a few days, then requirements increase again,
so just as I have finnished adjusting it's time to start again. There is
usually no obvious cause, except that lower basals appear to occur mid cycle(
this is recent- used to be early on)
I've just come to accept that I will constantly be adjusting. But what a
wonderful tool to have at my disposal in order to do this effectively
I'm always reassured to hear that others also have frequently varying
requirements, as I sometimes feel like an alien. Is this because of the
general disapproval expressed by some diabetes consultants regarding adjusting
too often?.
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