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Re: [IPk] school from hell (was DLA)

Barbara wrote:

> Does Sasha have sandwiches or hot dinners?  I put Danielle on sandwiches
> she was diagnosed because I found out that school dinners consisted of
> cordials with sugar in and puddings so I wanted to make sure that Danielle
> got enough carbohydrate etc without going for the sugary foods which would
> put her blood sugar up too high and then drop quickly.

They don't have cooked dinners at the twin's school, although some schools
in my area do have cooked lunches.  My older kids really hated school dinner
and being the sort of mum I am, I said if they wanted packed lunch they must
do their own.  I worked part - time then.  They used to make their own packed
lunches when they were about 6=.  The twins would have to take packed lunch
they both have coeliac.  But I or Terry has to do this as you need to bake
the GF bread fresh or get some out of the freezer and reheat it.  And they
make more mess than I would.

> Danielle's school all have lunch at 12 noon and then play out for half an
> hour until 1 pm.  I haven't heard of a school that starts lunch at 12.30 pm.
> Do you think the school would change their lunch times to suit?  If not,
> could Sasha come home for her lunch between 12 and 1?  Have a word with the
> teacher and I am sure they will accommodate.

I don't know of any other primary schools either that eat at this time!!  In
they didn't even mention it to us though all out talks with them about D and
starting school there and how meals and snack had to be on time.
 Obviously didn't take in what I said at all or they would have mentioned
I only found out by accident a few days before Sasha started at this school
from a neighbour's  child who goes there.

I had to go in and see them about it.  Apparently they had only just changed
to this time that year, it was the dinner ladies idea.  I think they thought
the kids
eat better or something if they had = an hours play first then come back in
to eat.  This means we have to give Sasha her Insulatard injection separately
later because otherwise it peaks to early for the school lunchtime.  They did
that Sasha could eat her lunch first but she would be on her own and that
be fair on her either.  They did said she could have a friend to sit with her
I felt that might cause some resentment on the friends part so they all go
out and come in again at 12.30, a real pain!

> I am like you - I go on the school trips and I worry every time Danielle
> to school.  I wish I could keep her at home with me but I know I can't.  I
> have always been like this with her before she was diabetic but now it is
> twice as bad.  Danielle's high blood sugars means she now wets the bed
> the night and she doesn't realize she has done it.  Her insulin needs
> changing I think.

I do go on school trips but I try to  switch off the worry when I can.

This seems to be a common problems for some kids, so I' ve read
on another list. Fortunately it's one problem we dont get with Sasha.
That must be distressing for Danielle though and extra work for you.

 >She is on Mixtard in the morning and evening.  The
> is ok but the evening works and works on her and in the morning she is too
> low.  I would rather her go to bed with a high blood sugar because I know
> is going to be low in the morning.  The doctor wants her to have 5 units and
> I won't give her more than 4 because she is too low in the morning!

Have you thought about separating the evening dose into 2 injections.
I asked to do this for Sasha as she had severe hypos and fits in the early
as a result of too much longer lasting insulin in the Mixtard 30.

If you gave short acting Actrapid, Novorapid or Humalog she would
not be too high at bedtime and you could give a small amount of
Insulatard for overnight.  Then when you get the balance right she
wouldn't be to high at bedtime and with a smaller amount of Insulatard
she wouldn't drop too much overnight.  That might help with the bedwetting
too.  Well that's the theory anyway.  We had to do a bit of tweaking
to get things right.

I found it easier to vary the amount of short acting according to her
evening meal and give the same dose of Insulatard each night.

Or you could keep asking about insulin pumps;-)


> Couldn't we go on forever?  I'll give someone else a chance now.
> Barbara
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