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Re: [IPk] school from hell (was DLA)

Hi Pat

We are going to see the new Head Teacher and when I go to see Sasha's teacher
for next year I will list all the things that have gone wrong this year.  I
was wondering if a monthly or bi monthly update review would be worth sending
in each month just reviewing all the main most important points.  Just a one
page sheet in LARGE print.  On florescent paper.

Sasha has never had a fit or become unconscious at school so I dont really
think they take in what could happen.


> Dear Jackie,
> I do worry about the picture you paint - although I accept that your
> daughters go to one of the better schools (heaven help those who
> don't!).
> The bottom line is that diabetes is a condition which needs managing
> 24/7.  As others (?Carmel) have argued, it is one of your
> responsibilities as parents to ensure that your daughter learns how to
> do that herself.  But just because someone is learning how to do
> something doesn't mean that they are doing it. The fact that a teacher
> is responsible for 31 others doesn't mean that they are not responsible
> for your daughter (personally, I think something should have gone on
> that teacher's record for them taking Sasha out of school without her
> supplies).  If their workload is too great, they should take it up with
> their line manager (i.e. ask for your child to be removed from their
> class, or ask for the rest of the class to be removed down to a handle-
> able number).  I think your idea of having a classroom assistant who
> will take responsibility for diabetes management while you are absent is
> brilliant.
> And yes, I am prepared to pay more taxes so that diabeetic children (and
> children with other special needs) can have access to education.
> Best wishes,
> Pat
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