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Re: [IPk] school from hell (was DLA)

Hello again Jackie

Does Sasha have sandwiches or hot dinners?  I put Danielle on sandwiches when 
she was diagnosed because I found out that school dinners consisted of 
cordials with sugar in and puddings so I wanted to make sure that Danielle 
got enough carbohydrate etc without going for the sugary foods which would 
put her blood sugar up too high and then drop quickly.

Danielle's school all have lunch at 12 noon and then play out for half an 
hour until 1 pm.  I haven't heard of a school that starts lunch at 12.30 pm.  
Do you think the school would change their lunch times to suit?  If not, 
could Sasha come home for her lunch between 12 and 1?  Have a word with the 
teacher and I am sure they will accommodate.  

I am like you - I go on the school trips and I worry every time Danielle goes 
to school.  I wish I could keep her at home with me but I know I can't.  I 
have always been like this with her before she was diabetic but now it is 
twice as bad.  Danielle's high blood sugars means she now wets the bed during 
the night and she doesn't realize she has done it.  Her insulin needs 
changing I think.  She is on Mixtard in the morning and evening.  The morning 
is ok but the evening works and works on her and in the morning she is too 
low.  I would rather her go to bed with a high blood sugar because I know she 
is going to be low in the morning.  The doctor wants her to have 5 units and 
I won't give her more than 4 because she is too low in the morning!

Couldn't we go on forever?  I'll give someone else a chance now.

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