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Re: [IPk] school from hell (was DLA)

Hi Liam

The trouble is that kids are taught to do as they are told. Normally Sasha
tests at 12.05 midday then decides whether she needs a biscuit before she goes
out to play.  They go out to play at 12.05 then come back in for lunch at
12.30.  Because of Sashas insulin regime she NEEDS to eat at 12.00 really, so
if she tests and is ok above 6 mmols she goes out and has her lunch at 12.30
with the others.  So she doesn't have to have lunch early on her own she tests
and has a biscuit if she is below 6.0 mmols.  On Wednesday the deputy head
kept them in to practice for the something they were doing in the evening.  So
Sasha didn't get chance to test until later.  As is happens she wasn't low
that day as she sometimes is but high.  Sasha probably wouldn't have realised
that it had gone past the usual time she tests as she would have been
engrossed in singing for the last hour.  Children think all grown ups,
especially teachers know what they are doing.  Sasha's class teacher didn't
come to find her to see why she didn't check her levels.  Her meter is in the
classroom not far away.  I still get annoyed that she often does her test and
there is no one there to see if she does make the right decision as the
teacher has usually left the class by then to gone  to the staff room for her
well deserved rest. That's why I dont want her to do her own injections at
lunch time as I couldn't be certain that there would be someone to supervise.
Sasha  sometimes gets 2s and 5's mixed up especially if she is low or high.
Plus there are children wandering in and out of the classroom at lunchtime.
Some are pretty stupid and do silly things.


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> Wow that really is disturbing , these teachers really do need to be given a
talking to , personally if i had a child, who was diabetic, i'd get them to
ask the teacher , out of politeness, but then go do the test or get food NO
MATTER what.
> Ultimately i suppose those situations are up to your child, if they think
they'll be ok for an extra 30 mins or whatever ... then that's ok ,
> I was just wondering, can they not take the blood test meter with them, i
have an accuchek active meter, i'm sure it's not the smallest but it is kinda
small can she not take a meter into all her lessons/ choir practice?
> ta,liam
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