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Re: [IPk] school from hell (was DLA)

Wow that really is disturbing , these teachers really do need to be given a talking to , personally if i had a child, who was diabetic, i'd get them to ask the teacher , out of politeness, but then go do the test or get food NO MATTER what.
Ultimately i suppose those situations are up to your child, if they think they'll be ok for an extra 30 mins or whatever ... then that's ok , 

I was just wondering, can they not take the blood test meter with them, i have an accuchek active meter, i'm sure it's not the smallest but it is kinda small can she not take a meter into all her lessons/ choir practice?


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On 09/05/2002 at 18:33 Pat Reynolds wrote:

>Dear Jackie,
>The description of the horrible school your child is at made me angry!
>Have you been to the head about it?  If you had no joy there, what did
>the governors say?  The LEA?  Is another school an option?  Is home
>Do keep a diary of incidents.  If you want to scare them, get the
>teacher to sign the diary each week.  I think just one of those
>incidents would be enough for you to start screaming - not all of them
>at once!
>Worry about your other daughter, too: if this is how they deal with
>dis[oops, no I won't type that word] diabetes, then how do they deal
>with bullying?  With racism?  With illiteracy?  Seriously, would you
>want any child there?  You may find other parents share your concerns
>with the school and will help you.
>Best wishes,
>> When Sasha stays for choir after school, I go up and check her blood
>>and make sure that there actually is choir, as twice it was cancelled and
>>parents were not informed.  I have been in to check to find that her blood
>>sugar levels are low but she was sent out of the class to the hall and
>>to get her meter.  I frequently have to go and speak to the teacher about
>>should be happening and what is not.  Yesterday they were doing choir
>>at lunch time and the deputy head kept them singing until they had got it
>>right and Sasha couldn't go and check her bg and their lunch was delayed
>>half an hour.  Fortunately Sasha was high that day as usually she is
>>quite low and needs to eat at 12.00.  I just can't seem to get it across
>>the teachers what needs to be done.  It all takes so much time and effort
>>could scream.  If Sasha did not have diabetes then it wouldn't matter if
>>had lunch late or she was hungry after school or the teacher took them
>out of
>>school with nothing for a hypo or sent them out of the room when they
>felt ill
>>which has all happened to us in the last month.
>>It all means that you can never relax for long.  I have to be available
>to go
>>to the school if there is a problem.  When she has started each of the
>>and junior schools I have had to spend quite a lot of times going in to
>>to check the levels for a couple of weeks.
>Pat Reynolds
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