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[IPk] school from hell (was DLA)

Dear Jackie,

The description of the horrible school your child is at made me angry!
Have you been to the head about it?  If you had no joy there, what did
the governors say?  The LEA?  Is another school an option?  Is home

Do keep a diary of incidents.  If you want to scare them, get the
teacher to sign the diary each week.  I think just one of those
incidents would be enough for you to start screaming - not all of them
at once!

Worry about your other daughter, too: if this is how they deal with
dis[oops, no I won't type that word] diabetes, then how do they deal
with bullying?  With racism?  With illiteracy?  Seriously, would you
want any child there?  You may find other parents share your concerns
with the school and will help you.

Best wishes,


> When Sasha stays for choir after school, I go up and check her blood sugars
>and make sure that there actually is choir, as twice it was cancelled and the
>parents were not informed.  I have been in to check to find that her blood
>sugar levels are low but she was sent out of the class to the hall and unable
>to get her meter.  I frequently have to go and speak to the teacher about what
>should be happening and what is not.  Yesterday they were doing choir practice
>at lunch time and the deputy head kept them singing until they had got it
>right and Sasha couldn't go and check her bg and their lunch was delayed by
>half an hour.  Fortunately Sasha was high that day as usually she is always
>quite low and needs to eat at 12.00.  I just can't seem to get it across to
>the teachers what needs to be done.  It all takes so much time and effort I
>could scream.  If Sasha did not have diabetes then it wouldn't matter if they
>had lunch late or she was hungry after school or the teacher took them out of
>school with nothing for a hypo or sent them out of the room when they felt ill
>which has all happened to us in the last month.
>It all means that you can never relax for long.  I have to be available to go
>to the school if there is a problem.  When she has started each of the infant
>and junior schools I have had to spend quite a lot of times going in to school
>to check the levels for a couple of weeks.

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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