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Re: [IPk] RE: DLA

>Hi y'all,

Thank you Melissa :-) I broadly agree with all you write.

I have no shame in marking myself down as disabled in certain situations.
It's only a word. I attach no stigma to it. In other situations I am not
disabled. We have to be discerning. If the government will pay you money
for filling in a form, I say go for it.

Was there a DLA assessor on this list last year who said that it is general
policy to routinely reject all applications? Only if the applicant appeals
will they consider giving you the cash. Worth knowing.

And Child Benefit is not part of any poverty relief program. Nearly all
civilised countries give families financial rewards for having children.
And so they should. Some do it via the tax system, others - like the UK -
give cash handouts. It works, it's efficient, it's effective. Britain is
desperately short of kids. Women on average have less than the 2.1 kids per
woman that are required to keep the population stable. So in the long run,
Britain will shrink and shrink and shrink. It's not as bad as Japan where
women only have 1.4 kids - but it's getting that way. If anyone can suggest
a solution, please let the government know. Mass immigration is one
solution, but it is politically sensitive.


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