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No Subject

Jackie Alison and all who have been offended- I was simply putting my 
opinion from experience from the other point of view, I did not intend you 
to justify your claims. I have worked hard to the best of my ability and I 
am certainly struggling to pay for my pump, Yes I have claimed child 
benefit- and been glad of it! I have never known what it is not to be 
diabetic and thankfully my children did not develop it. I am just that sort 
of person never wanted to broadcast my diabetes or use it as an excuse or 
disability- it is wonderful that you do so much for Sascha,Jackie. 
Fortunately I haven't suffered a hypo whilst giving my son a nebuliser!!
My parents did their best at the time with what was available,which when you 
compare it to nowadays was very little, I am afraid that the legacy of it 
all is that I look at it from the child's point of view. I must admit that I 
was quite surprised to learn that diabetes was a consideration for DLA I 
guess too that diabetes is a unique condition and it never goes away, I 
would think that the child can be involved right from the beginning not, 
obviously being responsible for their care at such a young age but taking 
part in the decision making must help.It is not taking away their childhood 
but helping them to integrate DM into their lives presently and in the 

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