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Re: [IPk] DLA

This is a long thread, but I wanted to put my tuppence in on the underlying 

I must agree with Tony's comments: the issue here is not actually whether 
children with diabetes should get DLA, but whether the state provides the 
support it should for people with diabetes.  Clearly, in the case of the UK, 
it does not, and people must bridge the gap themselves.  If comprehensive 
support were available, DLA would either be irrelevant or easily obtainable 
by people who need it because of the extra burden individuals experience 
because of it. Perhaps now, in terms of payments, DLA isn't the correct 
approach at all because so many children now have conditions such as 
diabetes and asthma. Perhaps the approach should be to significantly 
increase child allowance (or whatever you call it yonder).

There are things everyone can do to help improve the current situation, with 
or without DLA. For example, you can
-  lobby to get pumps funded solely on the recommendation of a consultant
- liaise locally with medical and political organisation to educate them 
about what it's like living with type I diabetes
- lobby the government for funding for pro-active, complication-preventing 
diabetes management and tools

And until the medical-funding utopia arrives, apply for whatever you can in 
order to make life manageable.


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