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I think I must have used up my daily allowance by now.  Please permit me to add to this much talked about subject.  I know none of us would like to be called disabled, and we are not.  However, call someone in a wheelchair disabled, and you would meet with exactly the same opinion.  So how does one describe "Disabled"  For DLA purposes A disability is something that incapacitates either permantley or for a short period of time on a relatively regular basis (no hard and fast rules for this)I note that the majority of you have described hypo symptoms and they are without doubt temporarily Disableing.  You are disabled from doing what you would normally do.  I know the word is offensive and demeaning but how can anyone disagree that a severe hypo does disable you temporarily from doing what you would normally do and to the other question, YES something like a hypo can definately put your life in danger.  At the end of the day I sense that the people who have made such hearty ob!
jections to DLA are very proud people or Do not really have to worry to much about the pennies.
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