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Re: [IPk] RE: DLA.cont..

Hi Carmel

Three of my children have asthma, one of the twins has had severe asthma and
has been rushed into hospital about 5 times and needed to use a nebuliser for
long periods.  In fact when the twins were younger  I used to sit them both in
their highchairs and they watched Tomas the tank engine while it took 20
minutes to give them drugs via a nebuliser twice a day.  Beckie, Sasha's twin
has much worse asthma than Sasha's but it has never taken up a fraction of the
time is has looking after Sasha's diabetes.
Sasha is unaware of the fact that we receive an allowance for her.  If there
was better D care and clinics that were well informed and called you back when
you had queries and pumps were available then it might be different.  I wonder
how many people refuse their family allowance because they dont need it.


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> My son has severe asthma and I am trying to continue the trend by making him
> take on the responsibility of getting his own prescriptions it would be very
> easy to do it all for him but he has to learn to stand on his own two feet.
> Our children are going to grow up and leave us and in those difficult days
> ahead I would hate to have a child needlessly labelled. The hardest thing in
> the world to do is let go, Yes I agree, pumps should be given to children
> and forget DLA
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