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Re: [IPk] DLA

> The DSN once told me that a diabetic child adds around #20 per week to
> the household food bill.

Now I'm curious. What food do you spend money on for Steven that you wouldn't 
on a normal child? Of course, healthy eating can be more expensive, but 
wouldn't you want a normal child to eat healthily too?

> I have a larger mobile phone bill so that I am contactable at all times
> so that my son (for whom I also buy a mobile phone) can have a 'normal
> life' e.g. go off with his friends, out for tea, etc. with peace of
> mind.

So how often does he ring you with a serious DM related problem when he's 
away from home? Just curious, that's all.

> Steven attends a hospital 50 miles away - what about my petrol? What
> about the phone calls I make to the hospital for advice?

Well, that's fair enough, but there are zillions of children who have to 
attend hospitals for various things, but they aren't entitled to DLA. I'd say 
attending hospital is pretty much a normal expense of having a child....

> What about the unpredictability of the condition?  How do we know that
> we won't be up in the night and not be able to function as well the next
> day?  What about when a child is ill and their blood sugars are all over
> the place and need more constant monitoring?

Well, that's my point. That's all very well, but it doesn't require extra 
money, just extra time.

> Ps if anyone saw the bittersweet programme on channel 4 - just take a
> look at how often that teenager was in hospital through lack of care  -
> it's far less money to pay parents DLA than it is to hospitalise a
> child!

But that teenager had serious mental problems.  Do you really think he would 
have been in hospital any less if the parents had received DLA? And how do 
you know they weren't receiving DLA anyway? I'm sorry, but I don't believe 
for a second that any normal diabetic child would end up being hospitalised 
because their parents weren't getting DLA and giving their child sufficient 
care as a result. Of course, there are special cases - obviously there are 
situtations where DLA is warranted.
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