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Re: [IPk] DLA

I think you are all talking rubbish if you think that having a diabetic
child doesn't involve additional cost!

The DSN once told me that a diabetic child adds around #20 per week to
the household food bill.

I have a larger mobile phone bill so that I am contactable at all times
so that my son (for whom I also buy a mobile phone) can have a 'normal
life' e.g. go off with his friends, out for tea, etc. with peace of

Steven attends a hospital 50 miles away - what about my petrol? What
about the phone calls I make to the hospital for advice?

Lastly, I don't work as much as I would and I also work at a lower level
than I did before, because Steven and his diabetes are such a
responsibility and take up a lot of brain cells.

What about the unpredictability of the condition?  How do we know that
we won't be up in the night and not be able to function as well the next
day?  What about when a child is ill and their blood sugars are all over
the place and need more constant monitoring?   

This is just the tip of the iceberg - I could go on and on!!

Alison (now with a bee in my bonnet!)

Ps if anyone saw the bittersweet programme on channel 4 - just take a
look at how often that teenager was in hospital through lack of care  -
it's far less money to pay parents DLA than it is to hospitalise a

   email @ redacted>, Diana Maynard
<email @ redacted> writes
>There is another point about DLA - which is slightly more contentious I 
>Isn't the point of DLA that you get money because you need to spend extra 
>money? Not just because you need to spend extra time looking after someone. 
>So which part of having a child with DM entails needing extra money? 
>Admittedly, what you do with the extra money is your own choice - there is no 
>obligation to spend it on getting extra help - but I thought that was the 
>point of it.
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Alison Orchard
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