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Hi to parents of children with diabetes who are trying to claim DLA
Whilst I can see your point that you feel that your children need extra care 
and you can gain financially by this, I am afraid I tend to agree with Di in 
that the help SHOULD be on an individualised basis. I  have been diabetic 
for more than 40 yrs since the age of 3. My parents had no way of testing my 
bblood sugar in those days but I do remeber having horrendous night time 
hypos as a child and my mother always being there.Blood glucose monitoring 
has certainly helped improve significantly the lives of carers of people 
with diabetes. I manged as did my brother and thousands of others. I 
survived school,some discerimination through ignorance have a family of my 
own now and a career- nothing outstanding but at my age I feel thankful that 
I am still here with relatively few complications as do most.
I personally would have felt even more discriminated against or different if 
I thought my parents were getting extra money to care for me and my parents 
were not well off by any manner or means.More than anything in my life I 
wanted to be considered as normal not the one who is diabetic or could not 
have sweets etc  Surely that is what you must consider that too for your 
children, will it make them feel different if you are claiming money for a 
condition that they will have to live with all their lives, you have to 
prepare to let them live independently and that is what they will want too. 
I know this sounds harsh biut you could be making life difficjult for their 
future Carmel el Type 1 40+ yrs minmed 508 dec 2000

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