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Re: [IPk] Scaremongers

Dave wrote:
I know there are a lot of type 2 on the increase as we read in the paper
but is it scaremongering?...
his bm was taken and it was 6.8. his doctor then said he was type 2 
diabetic, he must cut out cakes...
bm taken at a wellman medical with
his local GP, 6.4 he was then told he can no longer have any sweet things,


Hi Dave -

It does seem a bit strange, because in these parts normal BG is defined as 
between 4 & 8 mmol/L. Does anyone know if this definition has changed? Some 
places use a tighter range - for example, in the US they define normal as 
4.4-6.7 mmol. But as you can see, even if the doctors had, for some reason, 
been using this definition, the second blood sugar is in range, and the 
first is on the edge.

Perhaps your friends should ring their doctors and insist on being told why 
those blood sugars mean they have diabetes.


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