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Hi Barbara
While I agree that some people who have children with diabetes should be 
entitled to DLA, it doesn't apply to everyone. Some children have few 
problems and don't have fits in the night - or even have hypos in the night - 
and really don't need any extra care.
I've had DM since I was 7, and never needed any special care that would 
warrant my parents getting DLA. They never had to get up in the night to test 
my BG, or spend any extra time or money looking after me. They didn't have to 
do my injections for me, or test my BG for me or anything. It would have been 
just as wrong for them to claim DLA as the person you know whose child has 
eczema.  Obviously for younger children they would need someone to do these 
things for them. I'm not implying other people shouldn't be entitled to it, 
just that it's not a blanket case where everyone with a diabetic child should 
be entitled to it.

> Please let me know how you get on.  My opinion is that if diabetes is put
> on the form, it should automatically be maximum DLA without question. 
> There should be no scrutinising - it's simple - the person is diabetic and
> needs somebody there at all times who knows how to treat their condition.
> Good luck.
> Barbara
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