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[IPk] Scaremongers

     I know there are a lot of type 2 on the increase as we read in the paper
but is it scaremongering?
     I have two people at the moment :-

Roger: (Luton) my 54 year old uncle, 6ft and 12 stone non smoker occasional
drinker and plays golf too much, at a recent medical his bm was taken and it
was 6.8. his doctor then said he was type 2 diabetic, he must cut out cakes,
sweets, cut down on bread and potatoes & reduce alcohol.

Mike: (Upminster Essex) my 70 year old friend, 6ft and 10.8 stone, non smoker
very occasional drinker, fit and active, bm taken at a wellman medical with
his local GP, 6.4 he was then told he can no longer have any sweet things,
cakes, sweets, etc no more alcohol and can only drink diet drinks, he has
already lost some weight.

     I find this all so strange, these two people are both fit and have never
really had any recent ill health. they have had no follow up advice and have
appointments for 6 months down the line, but they have been turned into
nervous wrecks worrying about what they eat will they end up like me?

     I've told both of them not to worry about all what has been said, I've
told them all about CHO's and just about cutting down on certain foods and
they are now on this massive quest to lower their bm's, but it frightens me to
hear of this going on.
     Is it because doctors are worried about not diagnosing a condition in
time, I really feel they have gone OTT both cases there was nill in the urine,
and neither had an HbA1c test.
     I have often tested relatives at different times and bloods do vary
especially with what has been consumed recently.
     I would like to put these people at some rest or is it me thats wrong, I
cant believe the advice these doctors have laid down, it all seems a bit

Regards Dave :^)
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