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[IPk] a cautionary tale

I had a really nasty moment on Saturday when shopping, because I thought I'd 
lost my pump for good! I was in M & S, tried on some jeans, then went onto 
another couple of shops. About half an hour later I was in another shop 
trying on some other clothes, and I realised my pump wasn't attached to me! 
Not only that, but it wasn't there at all! I thought back, and remembered 
that I'd taken it off when trying on the jeans, and put it on the chair with 
my clothes (I almost never do this, but for some reason I thought it would be 
easier to detach the pump while trying on the jeans). I always check that 
I've left nothing behind in the changing room, but I figured somehow I must 
have left the pump. By this time it was almost 6pm and the shops were all 
closing, so I hurried back to M&S to find there was a huge queue in the 
changing room. Of course I couldn't remember which changing room I had used, 
so I had to wait until everyone came out and then look in them all. People 
must have thought I was some kind of weirdo hanging around the changing rooms 
until people came out! Anyway, luckily, I found the right one and discovered 
my pump lying on the floor under a chair. I was sooooo relieved!
I will definitely think twice about detaching my pump in a changing room from 
now on!
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